DEMA MixRite Catalog

See the whole MixRite line in Dema's Mixrite catalog, available here: 

MixRite injectors are a step up from the past in fertigation, chlorination, acidification, water additives, pH control, and EC control.

All MixRites are positive displacement water driven injectors that inject solution in proportion to water flow for accurate mixing. They have an easy twist injection rate adjuster that keeps a constant concentration of additive regardless of flow or pressure.

Dema MixRite injectors do not waste water, use no electricity, and have higher flow rate, less friction loss, and a longer life than other comparable models. 

The MixRite catalog includes:

  • Information on all MixRite models
  • Recommended Installations
  • General Technical Information
  • Pressure Loss Tables
  • Max Injection Rates
  • Specifications
  • Recommended Accessories