Why Applied Engineering Products?

If you see a underground valve box in the wild, it's most likely not an AEP box. So why should you consider Applied Engineering Products for your commercial grade irrigation valve box or utility underground enclosure? 

Here's 4 reasons you should select Applied Engineering Products:

1. Lightweight

AEP boxes are lightweight, yet provide higher load and environmental resistance qualities than other products in plastic or concrete.

2. Reduced Side Angle

AEP boxes have a reduced side angle that provides easier readjustments to grade, while inside areas remain the same.

3. Increased Break Resistance

AEP boxes are made with structural foamed plastic parts that have a lower density than strait injection products. This allows AEP parts to provide high flexibility while continuing to be more resistant to impact and bowing when installed.

4. Non-conductive or Sparking 

Amp boxes are non-conductive and non-sparking, excellent qualities for uses in electrical or phone connection junction boxes.

AEP has a unique combination of strength in design and understanding of customers needs that has resulted in plastic underground enclosures that perform exceptionally well under a variety of outdoor conditions. 

Contact us today for more on AEP's complete line of valve boxes and underground enclosures.